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What is your vision for beyond 2015? Make your voice heard!

"Poverty is not genetically inborn.  It is human made as a result of unequal distribution of resources, which also results from unequal power relations between individuals and institutions. 

People are denied basic rights like decision making and women are particularly poor because of the power men exercise over them. With proper implementation of Millennium Development Goals, we are the first generation that can end poverty in Sheseke."

Lidih Mutemwa, a 14 year girl in Zambia's remote district Sheseke in her letter on Post-2015 Development Agenda to the the UN Secretary General.  Read her letter.

What should be done to reduce growing inequalities in the Post-2015 period?

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Key issues gaining ground in the early rounds of dialogues

Fourty community consultations and TV and radio discussions have taken place in Zambia. Many more dialogues are planned in the weeks to come.

Key issues gaining ground in these early rounds of local dialogues: 

  • Addressing inequalities;
  • An honest and responsible government;
  • Quality education and healthcare;
  • Eradication of poverty; and
  • The protection and more sustainable use of Zambia’s natural resources.


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