World leaders are creating new development goals. What needs to be included?

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Anne L. Budd main strategist and lead speaker/workshop leader (English) from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
04.04 pm em Unir, maio 1, 2013
We need to demonstrate more tolerance and understanding of different points of view. We must be willing to share experiences and best practices in order to help others. We all need to work much harder on this.
Paloma Berggren Post graduate in Anthropology and Archaeology from Sweden
08.43 am em dom, abril 28, 2013
equality, solidarity and trust
Emily Lewis-Brown from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
01.38 pm em qui, abril 25, 2013
Compassion to the 70billion animals farmed for food each year.
daniel thompson researcher
12.09 pm em qui, abril 25, 2013
well for me i think when we talk about development we should be thinking about sustainable development. peoples lives must improve as the years advance and we can only achieve that if our resources are manged well
Mohammed Shalaldeh National Director - Palestine from Palestine (State of) *
08.11 am em qui, abril 25, 2013
creating future generation with open minded, accept diversity, take the best culture especially in under developed countries implementing new methods of education, health, caring.
This will occur if peace is implemented to save war expense
Gail Moh. Accountability and Integrity from United States of America
03.50 am em qui, abril 25, 2013
IT was confirmed by a family who was a UN diplomat that security personel base @ UNMIL/ ZULU BASE bombard peoples home via SATELLITE LASER Invading ppl: privacy causing bodily damages to humans.abused of power given to them by UN for personal used.
Peter Newton Training change agents for a culture of peace from Ecuador
04.01 pm em Unir, abril 24, 2013
We need a world-wide, democratic federation of nations to free up the massive resources wasted on the arms race for 'deterrence' purposes, end the dictatorship of multinational corporations, and make global issues tractable beyond the national level.
rebecka Intern from Sweden
12.18 pm em seg, abril 22, 2013
Another economic system that doesn´t primarily benefit the rich and ruins our climate, which is the case with capitalism. Don´t measure development solely in GDP, other aspects must be included aswell.
retno dewati Secretary from Indonesia
05.05 pm em sab, abril 20, 2013
strong commitment and responsive towards citizen
Fares Damien from Array
10.20 am em qui, abril 18, 2013
a full peace and conflict resolution program respecting the sovereignty of each nation .
a feeding program solving the nutrition problems or trying to find to them solutions .
promote sustainable development , include it in educational programs
Dr. Vrajlal Sapovadia from Array
10.09 am em Unir, abril 17, 2013
Information Technology access to all citizens.
Khaled MAHBOOB Cost Recovery from Bangladesh
06.06 am em Unir, abril 17, 2013
Religious conflicts need to be resolved.
Muhammad Didit Prasodjo student from Indonesia
12.49 pm em seg, abril 15, 2013
Education Quality Improvement should included there!
John Michael Angelo Secondary Teacher from Philippines
08.45 am em seg, abril 15, 2013
It shall include an improvement in the education because we are all now in the K-12 Education Programme world.
Daniel Johnson Organizer, Occupy Regina from Canada
12.11 am em seg, abril 15, 2013
What needs to be achieved is genuine economic equality between and within nations, and an economic system that can actually work for society instead of the reverse. I believe that establishing a democratically elected World Parliament could do that.
Elizabeth Aguilar Nurse from United States of America
01.26 pm em sab, abril 13, 2013
Non-communicable and lifestyle related diseases need to be addressed on a global scale. Co-morbid conditions like obesity and depression need inclusive interventions. Mental health needs to be addressed.
Bolivia Jeremiah Youth advocate from Botswana
08.11 am em sex, abril 12, 2013
It is crucial at this point that all stakeholders are included in the achievement of MDGs, more importantly partnerships with the private sector in advancing the Education We Want & coordinating mechanisms developed to ensure implementation success
Brenda Community Developer from Canada
02.55 pm em Unir, abril 10, 2013
We have a general consensus on what we want; now we need to develop the tools to achieve our goals of Justice and Equality for all.
Denis Ojok Programme Manager from Uganda
12.59 pm em Unir, abril 10, 2013
Global empowerment and employment of the youth without any kind of discrimination
Darren J. Prior from Array
05.41 pm em ter, abril 9, 2013
More funding for microfinancing and Professor Muhammaed Yunus should be a part of the next strategy to replace the MDGs.
Luz Marvel Barón Medina Medical Practitioner from Colombia
04.30 am em ter, abril 9, 2013
Es indispensable entender las brechas sociales en cada comunidad para que las metas sean reales y alcanzables. Hay que crear compromisos verdaderos para que se cumplan pues todo es muy político y teórico pero poco o nada se avanza en realidad..
Joshua M Mann Educator and Student Refugee Program Coordinator from Canada
06.08 pm em seg, abril 8, 2013
Globally there needs to be more focus on education, but quality education at least up to the secondary level. With education there needs to be a focus on gender equality, human rights, sustainable environmental protection, career growth, and halth.
Roger Marklund International secretary from Sweden
09.18 pm em sab, abril 6, 2013
Chairman from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
08.15 pm em sex, abril 5, 2013
Anti racist, anti-disablist, anti-homophobic goals which address global socioeconomic marginalisation and inequality affecting these minorities, in addition to the violence and human rights abuse
faced by individuals belonging to these groups.
assisstant environment officer from Tuvalu
12.55 am em qui, abril 4, 2013
awareness in public especially to youths and children in schools
and also focus in implementing target inplace instead of many targets but no work done...
ruthie de silva Administrative Professional Service from Indonesia
03.48 pm em Unir, abril 3, 2013
Corporate sphere is needed to be incorporated for the voluntary contribution in education field i.e. assignment of corporate staffs to share knowledge & skills in school during weekend.
(1) Coordination and monitorinement WORK We Want from Bangladesh
12.20 am em Unir, abril 3, 2013
Work We Want.
Pricilla Nakyazze Social scientist from Uganda
04.25 pm em ter, abril 2, 2013
Fredoom from persecution,minimum wage that enables a good living standard,free access to quality health care,better and safe roads, quality education for both boys and girs,political leaders that are accountable and deliver results.
Amira Kelany urbano stenta from Italy
09.26 am em ter, abril 2, 2013
Dear Friends, I would like to inform You that during our general assembly I will present You an hypotesis concerning an insurance possibility for disable person, an insurance concerns the situation of disable after they pass the way(U. Stenta)
George Joubert from South Africa
11.16 pm em seg, abril 1, 2013
Stop the rape of Africa by its leaders, big business, the West and the East. Allow its citizens to fairly share in their individual country's wealth. We have allowed the greedy and egotists to control our destinies!
Rajiv Joshi Director, CIVICUS from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
03.31 pm em seg, abril 1, 2013
We need to focus not just on the priorities, but on how we will achieve them - the means should not be lost in clarifying the ends.
Jolicoeur Scudine from Haiti
05.29 pm em qui, March 28, 2013
l'Union fait la Force!
Yogesh Sharma teaching from India
04.42 pm em qui, March 28, 2013
Free and compulsory education upto 14 years, ban Child abuse and child labour, women empowerment, Human Rights for all, expansion of democracy, food security etc. for all should be the foals.
vaibhav College Student from India
04.26 pm em qui, March 28, 2013
a responsible and unbiased government which aims at all round development of the nation and its citizens
De'an Chen Dean Chen from China
10.47 am em qui, March 28, 2013
more responsible government and a free political environment for everyone to have a voice
Roelie from Netherlands
08.01 am em qui, March 28, 2013
Everyone should have acces to education and health care to avoid extreme poverty.
Barbara Lake seamstress and business owner
05.34 pm em Unir, March 27, 2013
People such as myself and my three children suffer from electrohypersensitivity caused by over exposure to wireless technologies. We have no safe place to live or work. I would recommend only emergency wireless technology; not industry driven.
Fischer Chiyanike President from Zimbabwe
04.22 pm em Unir, March 27, 2013
The inclusion of Human Rights, Democracy, Good Governance and Peace and Security in Development agenda.
Silvia P MA student from Italy
10.40 am em sex, March 22, 2013
mechanisms and indicators for inclusive CIVIC ENGAGEMENT and PARTICIPATION , because people are the drivers of REAL CHANGE at local and national level!!
Jessie Lydia Henshaw from United States of America
05.32 pm em qui, March 21, 2013
There's a surprisingly good group proposal from Commons Action for the UN, for an "Ideal Model for SDG's" , proposing a global commons and networking solution, just posted at
Viktor Chistyakov from Array
02.54 am em qui, March 21, 2013
I believe there is an ever-growing need to concentrate efforts around investing in education. I realize that many people could have made more informed choices about their lives if they had proper educational opportunities. This needs an emphasis.
Andrew Palmer from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
05.28 pm em Unir, March 20, 2013
Without improving the quality and timeliness of information, efforts to establish a transformational post-2015 agenda will only ever be directed at an incomplete, potentially inaccurate, picture. Watch to find out more:
Eduardo Heinrich-Sanchez Chairman Chief Navigator from Japan
09.35 am em Unir, March 20, 2013
Endorse the Earth Charter. Coastal areas need to have a network of inter-connected Marine Protected Areas. Fisherman's rights over a coastal area cannot supercede the rights of the marine eco-system that flows over the claimed area.
Atyab Tahir Chief Strategy Officer, Tameer Microfinance Bank from Pakistan
03.53 am em Unir, March 20, 2013
Financial Inclusion for all given that more than half the world's population does not have access to basic financial services. We need to empower the poor through innovative micro finance solutions for the financially marginalized.
Marian van Teeffelen Project officer from Netherlands
03.15 pm em ter, March 19, 2013
No violence in the life of our children. Child abuse in the family, peer violence in schools, child soldiers: many children grow up while experiencing violence. Prevent the cycle of violence. Everywhere.
Abdulla Al Mamun NGO executive from Bangladesh
09.55 am em ter, March 19, 2013
Making state more service oriented, it should be more than welfare state for the poor and disadvantaged population
Youth activist from Indonesia
02.37 am em ter, March 19, 2013
Increasing access to good education, Health and employment!
Henrique Mendonça Retired from Portugal
07.28 pm em seg, March 18, 2013
The better world happened with the inclusion society
WEDO Global advocacy organization from United States of America
04.12 pm em seg, March 18, 2013
Women's rights and gender equality must be central to a new global development framework, which in itself should be grounded in human rights.
Carl Elexer Cuyugan - Ano Medical Coding Specialist / Nurse from Philippines
04.53 am em seg, March 18, 2013
Actions to increase Social Responsibility.
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